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Using marketing automation-software can give you a lot of insights. Gather important information about your campaigns, target group and leads, and utilize this to optimize your marketing efforts.

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What is Mautic

Mautic is an unique marketing automation solution. Why? The fact that Mautic is an open source platform, is what makes it special. This means that the marketing automation software Mautic offers, is developed constantly by hundreds of individual developers. They contribute their ideas and skills to optimize the software. In this way the platform is continuously enriched with new functionalities, based on market demands.

Mautic is a lot more affordable than other marketing automation platforms.

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Why choose Mautic?

Mautic offers all important features needed for marketing automation: from an user-friendly management panel to the option to set up the platform to your wishes.

  • Connectivity

    There are tons of integrations available to connect your Mautic to your website, CRM, Ecommerce, social media, and more.

  • High Quality

    Mautic is built on Symfony, which is one of the most reliable, fast and secure PHP frameworks available. This makes Mautic a high quality system.

  • Innovative

    Hundreds of individual developers contribute ideas and develop the software. In this way the platform is continuously enriched with new functionalities, based on market demands.

  • Insights

    Mautic collects all sorts of analytical data from your leads, website, e-mails, forms and more. You can create custom analytics and reports, to give you insight in the information you’re interested in.

Why MarketingHeap Automation

Why choose MarketingHeap Automation? Firstly, as a company you want a reliable platform to run you marketing automation in. But you also need a partner who can help you start and further develop. MarketingHeap Automation has developed a marketing automation platform based on Mautic where everyone can get started with digital marketing in an affordable way. We offert the Mautic solution, host it, and offer you the necessary support. Besides that, we make sure your platform is secure and reliable. After all, we are dealing with personal customer data.

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Why customer trust us


Happy Customers

With the combined expertise of MarketingHeap, our hosting, the Mautic software and marketing partners we have huge amount of experience and resources to meet customer demand.

Successful implementations

We did a lot of successful implementations and migrations for our customers. Giving us many experience in the do’s and don’ts.

We can assist you in the migration process from your current marketing automation platform to Mautic. We have developed tools and gained knowledge to make the process as simple as possible. This gives you the opportunity to switch without huge investments.

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