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All mautic features, read about all Mautic features here. And we offer extra:

Technical support

We offer technical support if you encounter issues regarding to configuration or your environment, because our in-house programmers we can directly fix and update issues.

Update management

We will keep you, and your Mautic environment up-to-date. With every update we will inform you of the new features

Tons of extra Mautic templates

We created tons of extra editable e-mail and landingspage templates for you! free to use

Knowledge video's and articles

We are working on a huge knowledge base regarding to Marketing en Mautic and will keep you updated.

Marketing advise

We will provide you detailed personal marketing advise for your campaigns and how to use Mautic.

Marketing partners

Don't have the time or resources to manage you'r marketing or want to expand/improve, we can keep you in touch with one of our respected partners.

Unique plug-ins and integrations

We offer unique plug-ins and integrations extending your Mautic environment even futher

Migration support

We offer advise and can over support by migration your current marketing automation to MarketingHeap Automation


We currently working on the MarketingHeap platform to manage different environments and link marketing intelligence en analytics to your platform all privacy-proof.

Do you have questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers

Yes, you can upgrade your package whenever you wan't.
When you downgrade you still pay for the current period, then the package is downgraded, so if you have a month subscription you can downgrade every month.
Yes, of course you can always import and export data in Mautic workspaces.
Yes, of course you can always import and export data in Mautic workspaces.
Yes, but not always everything you want, we are working on that to make that possible. But you can always import/export your contacts.
Security our number 1 priority, for more info about security you could read our blog or watch our video about the security measures.
By default we do not, there are possibilities to get extra information for your contacts by sharing your contacts with our general database or those of our partners. By default this is disabled and you will need to enable it explicitly. It is on a give-and-take base.
Identified are contacts whose basic contact details are known in Mautic, a website visitor is kept as anonymous contact, but only when the visitor's data become known is the visitor an identified contact.
We will inform you in advance of approaching the limits of the package, so you can upgrade early or clean up your environment. If you still go beyond the limit, everything will continue to work as normal, you have 16 days after transfer to upgrade your package.

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